Levels of membership

Order of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine (or Perfect Knight Mason), conferred in a body styled Conclave.
Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre - conferred in a body styled Sanctuary.
Order of Knights of St. John the Evangelist - conferred in a body styled Commandery.
Eusebius (Or Perfect Priest Mason) - conferred in a College of Viceroys and only on the actual Viceroy and Sovereigns - Elect of Conclaves.
Sovereign (or Perfect Prince Mason) - conferred in a Senate of Sovereigns and only on actual Sovereigns-Elect of Conclaves.
Knight Commander of Constantine (K.C.C.) - conferred by the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign with concurrence of Grand Viceroy only upon devoted and faithful members of the Grand Imperial Council who have served a total of ten years or more as either Intendent General, Grand Treasurer, Grand Recorder, Trustee or Chairman of a Standing Committee or any combination thereof with the maximum number which may be conferred annually being two provided that the maximum number of total Knights Commander of Constantine shall never exceed 50, and thereafter the dignity shall be conferred only when a vacancy in such number shall exist.
Knight at Grand Cross (G.C.C.) - conferred in a body styled Chapter General and nominated by vote of the Grand Imperial Council at an Annual Assembly. The number of members of Knights Grand Cross shall be limited to 50 in accordance with the ancient statutes promulgated by the Emperor Michael Angelus Comnenus.