Grand Commander's Word

Dear visitor,

I would like to welcome you on behalf of Scottish Rite for Croatia. The Scottish Rite has a long tradition. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite has its origins on the continent of Europe in the early 18th century in France. It was organized, as we know it today, in Charleston, S. Carolina, USA, in 1801. The Supreme Councils are active today in more than 60 countries and jurisdictions. The conditions for the installment of the Scottish Rite in Croatia were met with the emergence of the democratic political system.

The Scottish Rite is a nonpolitical organization with the goals of promoting morality, culture and human love and of doing charitable work. The fundamental duties of the Scottish Rite members are to love their country and to respect its laws, to foster Faith, Hope and Love, spread tolerance among people and work on the improvement of Human Rights. The Scottish Rite tries to be a teacher and a guardian of personal and social values to which humanity must always return in order to survive.

The members of Scottish Rite believe that what we do only for ourselves will disappear with us, and what we do for others and for the world shall remain for eternity.