Fusion of the Two Rites

Starting from 1881, the fusion of the two Rites (of Misraïm and of Memphis) occurred through the work of the Sovereign Grand Master, Grand Commander, Gran Hyerophant General Bro. Giuseppe Garibaldi, through an organic and harmonic integration. The two Rites were collected in one body under the denomination of "Oriental Masonic Order of the Ancient and Primitive Rite Of Memphis and Misraïm; and to the 95 existing degrees, two others (of administrative character) were added, the 96th and 97th the former being more specifically for Sovereign Grand Masters, Grand Commanders of National Obediences, the position is "ad vitam" and is transmitted to a successor by investiture - the latter degree competes, instead, to the Sovereign Grand Master, Grand Commander, Grand Hyerophant General,

Sublime Master of Light is prerogative of the Egyptian Grand Sacerdotal Magisterum the position is also "ad vitam" is transmitted to a successor, always by right of investiture.
Many researchers of higher Freemasonry have tried to compare the degrees of the A.P.R.M.M. to those of the other Masonic Ritual Bodies. Obviously making comparisons is always very difficult, especially in this field; nevertheless we will try to give some indications to facilitate the orientation to this topic of study.

  1. The teaching of the A.P.R.M.M. already begins from the first degree of Craft Masonry, while other Rites usually start after the Ill degree.
  2. It cannot be said that the 33 degree of the A.P.R.M.M. can correspond to the 33 degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, even if in some masonries in other countries, for reasons that it would be in this too long to explain in this context, these correspondences have been accepted. As far we can see there do not exist possible direct equivalences between the degrees Our Worshipful Rite and those practiced by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. To affirm that the two Rites in matter are similar is surely not correct in as much as neither in the initiatic path nor in the operational finalities there exists some agreement. These two ritual Masonic bodies are deeply different.
  3. The A.P.R.M.M. is of Chivalric and illuministic character, deeply Rosicrucian and hermetic, with particular cabalistic functions, that does not in its higher degrees have correspondences with the other degrees practiced in Ritual Masonry. Should Brother Master Masons wish to verify this personally the practice and the experimentation of some rituality of Our Worshipful Rite is recommended, as well as the rituality of other Rites.